The Real Estate Developers Association - Lebanon is a non-profit organisation established in February 2013.
REDAL seeks to be the representative body providing effective leadership in the advancement of the real estate industry and contributing to the development of Lebanon as a country of distinction.

REDAL marks a milestone in the history of real estate in Lebanon. The sector is a major contributor to the Lebanese economic system, and it is central to the performance of many other sectors. As such it needs to be properly represented and understood. Members are determined to demonstrate that they are socially responsible, respectful of the environment, and of the need for better urban planning. REDAL will communicate with governmental and private sector bodies about challenges and opportunities for the sector. REDAL will organize group activities such as workshops, road shows, media programs to highlight priorities, promote issues and fight obstacles. REDAL will work towards more reliable information about the sector and the market, and will propose measures that protect buyers and enhance the trust of the public in the sector. 


With roots going back to the Phoenicians and the Romans, and with its beauty, its topography and its position at the crossroads between Europe and the Middle East, Lebanon has a rich property and urban tradition. The magnificent edifices built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, were followed by a property and development boom in nineteen fifties and sixties and early seventies. Beirut became a dynamic, vibrant and cultural center, surrounded by beautiful villages in the mountain. Other cities and towns along the seacoast developed personalities of their own.

Whether in traditional, vernacular architecture, or in modern interpretations that evolved post World War Two, the property development in Lebanon before the civil war respected urban planning considerations, preserved features that had evolved over centuries, and reflected the spirit and aspiration of Lebanon and the Lebanese. The resulting legacy is a property development culture that respects traditions as it constantly looks to the future.

A major property development drive started when the civil war ended in 1991. Initially the object was to rebuild Beirut and other areas that had been damaged. The sector today comprises corporate entities with multi-disciplinary capabilities determined to build responsibly as they aspire to safeguard the legacy.

Namir Cortas


Namir Cortas - Estates Developments - President
Mireille Korab Abi Nasr - FFA Real Estate- Vice President
Philippe Tabet - HAR Properties - Treasurer
Massaad Fares- Prime Consult - Secretary
Mohamed Abou Darwish - Trillium Development- Board Member
Houssam Batal - Premium Projects - Board Member
Tony El Khoury - TDHC- Board Member

Jessica Margi - Administrative Manager

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By joining REDAL, a property developer is declaring its intention to work as a responsible corporate citizen.

Our collective faith is that the real estate sector in Lebanon is one of the strongest in the world. Our vision is that together we can protect it and make it even more robust. JOIN US